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Ethical Leadership


            Ethical leadership refers to leadership driven by respect for moral beliefs and values and respect for the dignity and rights of others. Therefore, it is related to concepts such as trust, honesty, understanding, charisma and justice.

Being a Role Model

            An excellent example of a manager is showing others in what way it is done. As a moral manager, I appraise that movements regularly express more reality than words. Society will unquestionably condemn somebody subject to how they act, relatively than what they say (Western & Garcia, 2018). By performing and presenting the usage of sound, reasonable, and selfless direct to assistants, moral pioneers, may begin to secure the reverence of their companions (Schwepker, 2021, p. 102860). People may undoubtedly keep an eye on a pioneer who compliments others and demonstrates trustworthiness.

Champion the Importance of Ethics

            Leaders with ethical integrity demonstrate a certain level of honesty that is necessary to inspire the observer needed to accept the vision of the followers. Personal values and beliefs influence leaders' moral decisions (Javed, 2018, p.388). As an ethical leader, it is straightforward to show peers principles, principally in surroundings where they are undertaken with a moral problem in the place of work.

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            Viable good pioneers will overall be adequate speakers. Public pass on startlingly. Some might feel unexpected talking, paying a slight brain to work control or state. However, others might be timid to chat with a manager considering dread, uneasiness, or fundamentally not thinking about expressing what they are striving to say (Engelbrecht, Heine & Mahembe, 2017). They may find it easier to contact the manager through email, relatively meeting them in person. It is a moral duty to exchange with each person present in the meeting, yet think of an open discussion, as specific people may have questions and stresses that need to be tended (Western & Garcia, 2018). Pioneers must manufacture cooperation with their meeting. Quality relations will generally be founded on faith, sensibility, reliability, straightforwardness, compassion, and respect.

Ethical managers can help create a positive atmosphere with industrious relations over different levels: the distinct, the squad, and the total association. Maintaining an optimistic working environment is a vital concern of a solid ethical manager. Leaders whom principal by exercise may inspire others to do the same action. Ethical management can also include the organisation of behaviour and association within a squad. Typically, confidence is advanced in work when individuals are getting alongside one another (Yang & Wei, 2018, p.110). The significance of upholding an optimistic attitude in the workplace has a lot to do with improving the overall condition of the association. When individuals can display admiration for one another and can respect other’s opinions, it might help generate a fruitful working atmosphere.

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Real-Life Experience

            Some time ago, I was appointed by my manager to manage a team of intelligent threat analysts. As I was one of the new employees of the company, I was new to leadership. The project was a very complex one and the deadline of the project was very strict. Due to a strict schedule and my very new leadership skills, we failed to achieve the required milestone in the desired time. 

As there was our company’s policy, there were briefings before and after every assigned task to discuss the problems and solutions so that everyone can learn something from the experience of others. This time it was the briefing of my assigned task.  I was very nervous and ashamed because of failing to meet the desired goals in a limited time. However, what happened during the briefing, completely changed my life and deeply affected my mentality and my perspective about leadership.

During briefing, my manager, instead of blaming and pointing all the fingers towards me, took complete responsibility for the problem and blamed himself for the failure of achieving the desired tasks. Thus, he saved me in front of the Boss and my colleagues, but he also guided me positively by highlighting my errors and instructing me to improve them in the future. It has been a long time since that event, but this event sticks with me and makes me motivate my employees to encourage them.

Lesson Learnt

            The lesson I learned from my life event is that a person who holds a higher position is generally not the leader. However, a true leader is the one who guides you in a proper direction. I also learned that humans tend to make mistakes. Therefore, they will commit errors in learning new things. A leader must positively take the mistakes and encourage the juniors to learn from their mistakes and improve themselves (Shareef & Atan, 2019). If an employee is scolded, it will demotivate them and lower their morale, resulting in lower employee efficiency.


            A true leader should check their mien. I think that a fantastic organisation begins with a correct disposition. That attitude is set up upon an individual’s enthusiasm to lead to serve others. A fruitful pioneer needs the opportunity to wander up to be related to controlling their conduct, yet the exercises of those being driven (Li et al., 2021). An authentic pioneer should Love people. A pioneer ought to be loving in various levelled associations. Valuing in this setting infers that we perceive the value of teammates and respect them with the balance they merit. Tune in. An authentic pioneer should be convincing as it accepts a pivotal part in achieving social and legitimate goals. Correspondence is a two-way measure (Supratman, Entang & Tukiran, 2021, p.17). Practical correspondence requires pioneers prepared for convincing tuning in. An authentic pioneer should confess all, anyway, with sympathy. To some degree, conflicts occur considering how people cannot separate between task-related battle issues and their revenue in a given situation.


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