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4 Types of Bullying Students May Be Facing

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Why should any person become a bully? What makes them become a bully? Is it an unhappy life they have had during their childhood? Or is it the effect of watching fighting movies? Could it be the company they are in that encourages them to bully others? Why does the bully not feel any compassion?

These questions arise in the mind as bullying is smoothing so common nowadays. You wish that the atmosphere could be a safe one filled with love and harmony where people minded their own business and put in their own effort to gain profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The world is full of bullies and countless victims who can tell their story of how they have been bullied in one way or another.
Different types of bullying

Here are 4 Types of Bullying Students Faced

Bullying typically comprises behaviours like teasing, threatening, taunting, and hitting that can make a person’s life miserable. They like to show their power and make fun of those who are weak. They make their victims do their jobs for them or steal their money. The bullied feels so defenceless that they succumb to the bully and don’t inform the authorities or their parents. Even if the victim does report, they don’t believe him, and so, the bullying continues.
In 2016, the National Centre for Educational Statistics reported that 1 in 5 students had been bullied in school. There are different types of bullying that occur on a regular basis:


The latest form of bullying, which is even more fearsome, is cyberbullying. According to the Cyberbullying Research Centre, about 37% of people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online. 30% of people have reported that they have been cyberbullied more than once.
This cyberbully can blackmail its victims into performing all kinds of acts, paying huge amounts of money, or taking their own life. They make use of the information that you have given them unconsciously.
A whole new level of cyberbullying is a cyber-activity that became popular with a very tragic ending. It was called the Blue Whale Challenge and the amazing thing is that many people fell for it. They allowed themselves to be put in such a position in the name of a challenge that ended up tragically taking their own lives.

Verbal bullying

Another form of bullying is called verbal bullying. It could be a high achieving class fellows bullying the low achievers by saying things like “you good for nothing”, “you still don’t know this”, “you’ll never make it”, or “you’ll always be a loser”.
This lowers the esteem of the person. They start to believe that they really are weak and low performers. No matter if they try their best and study hard, they will still not be able to make it. This results in the victim losing their interest in their studies. They start to look for excuses to stay at home as a way to avoid the bully. Being irregular to school means they miss out on quizzes and have a lot of pending coursework to complete. The only way for them to manage their work is by hiring a writing service with the best team of UK Assignment Writers.

Sexually bullying

Sexual harassment is another common form of bullying that takes place in many places, such as in schools and offices, in the streets, and some cases, even at homes. The bully makes the victim feel that they encouraged them and is equally to blame until it comes to a point where the victim is helpless in the bully’s forced attentions.
According to Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2017, 64 per cent of girls between the ages of 13 and 21 had experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence at school or college in the past year. 27% have reported their skirts being pulled up and 39% have reported having their bra strap pulled by a boy.
Many girls are harassed in school or colleges. At first, they don’t realise that they are being mistreated and then are accused of encouraging the behaviour. Girls are usually very scared to open up to their parents and hide this kind of sexual harassment from the family. If they happen to fall into a situation where they are sexually molested, they may still take a few days before they are able to talk about it.
By this time, the bully is confident that he cannot be caught. The bully probably has a hold on the victim with some pictures or text messages that he threatens he will use against her if she informs anyone about the act.

Prejudicial bullying

Children can be cruel and some kids who are different can have a tough life in school due to prejudicial bullying. Nobody likes being made fun of for being an outcast. Some kids are shunned or teased because of their skin colour and others are ill-treated because they might stutter. They may be bullied for a particular gesture that they have or some feature of their face, for example, squinty eyes, a big nose or big front teeth. It is common for them to be called rabbit face or toad and so on.

It is important to understand why a bully acts in such a manner. The bully feels they cannot lose face in front of their friends because they have made a reputation for themselves as a bully. Their friends are the ones who encourage the bully and support them in this act. The bully gets their homework done, makes the victim run their errands, and force them to do demeaning jobs.

The only way to keep away from a bully is to make yourself look fierce and not succumb to the misdeeds that the bully wants you to do. The bully will lose interest if you show yourself to be unafraid. It’s not easy to show courage, but if you join mixed martial arts and have such skills, word travels fast and you are saved from the torment of the bully.

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