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Important Tips to Publish a Cookbook

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Are you a cook? Do you enjoy the art of culinary? Do you love to host and get feedback from you people? Well, why don’t you share your recipes with the world? Take inspiration from Julie and Julia and publish our own cookbook and impress the whole world! But hey – it’s not all sunshine and bubbles; making a cookbook is actually a lot of work. Before you start writing your own cookbook, you must know that it’s going to be an intensive process.
Before you start writing your own cookbook, you need to realise that organisation is key. If you’re all over the place, there will be high chances of you getting lost and making blunders. Therefore, categorise everything and put them on your priority list.

Do you know that photography is one of the most important aspects of a cookbook? Of course, cooking and eating are all about experience, but only a few people understand that it’s also a visual experience. As a consumer, you need to get blown away by the visuals of the book. And in order to increase the appeal of the book, you need to have major insurance and funding.

Look – beautiful pages are expensive; you have to understand that full-colour pages are of a lot of worth. That is exactly the reason why bloggers and other influencers on social focus on posting images that are aesthetic and colour-coordinated.

But again, not all cookbooks require you to include photos because, at the end of the way, the reader is interested in reading the words. Hence, they also rely heavily on the illustrations. In such a situation, you’ll have the decision to choose how you want to visualise your book, from the cover to the rest of the pictures in the book.

Furthermore, you need to emphasise and learn about the audience you’re writing for. You need to get into the mind-set of the audience you are catering to. Do you think that your cookbook with be marketed to a keepsake family, or do you wish to impress people nationwide?

Look – you’ll benefit significantly if you know who you are writing for? Therefore, find out who you are catering to? Vegans, college students, working mothers or housewives? And depending on your audience, strategise your recipes and increase your skill level and ingredients accordingly. This will further help you decide how much each recipe in your cookbook will cost.

For instance, if your main market is college students, you probably should keep the budget limited and cheap. For this, we recommend that you assemble a team of researchers to find out the needs and likes of this market.

Types of Cookbooks

And lastly, you should understand that there are three types of cookbooks altogether. The first one is the one that you self-publish. For this, you should come up with your own list of recipes – the ones your family is fond of. Publish and market the book all by yourself. You can send it to your close circle and self it online as well. Obviously, it would be even better if your book is available in a coloured hardcopy.

Community cookbooks are another type of cookbooks that you can use to compile your chosen list of recipes. This is usually compiled to raise money – for a good cause. However, if you do go for this type of cookbook, you will be working with a group of people, each person responsible for one thing or the other, and all of them would believe in the support or cause they’re working for.

And lastly, you can also hire a publishing house to give your cookbook a wider audience. This will help you get to the mainstream and find readers and fans from unexpected places. But again, large publishing houses aren’t going to accept pitches so easily. You’ll have to hire an agent to get the deal.

Publish a Cookbook

What is the concept of your cookbook? You have to figure out the main idea behind this cookbook. Is it educational? Festival? Just figure out what you intend to do with this cookbook and what kind of people do you want to reach out through this wonderful book! This will set the tone for you and give the book a consistent feel. You should definitely make a list of the recipes that are close to your heart and add them to the cookbook.

Before you go ahead, make sure that you create an outline – it would possess concept and key recipes with the intention of keeping everything aligned. You should also categorise the book into appetisers, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Add how you season raw ingredients along with other techniques that you think would help the readers. Just because it’s a cookbook doesn’t mean that it should be random – you need structure.

One thing that you just can’t skip is hiring recipe testers. Of course, you can enlist family members and friends but that wouldn’t give you an objective and unbiased answer. Therefore, to avoid confusion and biasness, make sure that you hire strangers.

In the end, you need to realise that this is a cookbook that you are trying to create. Hence, it should be personal and something you would enjoy. Naturally, many people would ask you to seek coursework help in UK for this but that’s not really what you want. And yes, keep all the tips in mind before you edit it and send it out for print and publishing.

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