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A Critical Study to Analyse Why the Students Need Assignments

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A Critical Study to Analyse Why the Students Need Assignments

Historically, within all academic institutions, students have always been given some kind of academic assignments to prepare, which are usually designed to test their calibre and potential. Over the years, some educational systems around the world contested the usefulness of these kinds of assignments, stating that students should be given somewhat of a free reign when it comes to these. They argue that when students are not constantly under the pressure of preparing academic assignments, they are able to learn more proactively and efficiently.

Still, there have been others who have countered this argument by putting forth their thought process and opinions. Here we will discuss the core arguments that constitute their critical study which seeks to reinstate the importance of academic assignments.

  1. Increases the learning capabilities of students
    Assignment writing is usually encouraged by institutions because they believe that through this process, students are able to learn more deeply and thoroughly about the different concepts. This is because when they are frequently involved in the research and writing process, they are able to expand and enlarge their learning capabilities, which can turn out to be very beneficial for students.
  2. Allows them to view things from different angles
    Additionally, when students frequently undertake writing procedures, they are able to assess different topics, titles and subject matters from a variety of different angles. When they frequently use this tactic, it becomes a habit, so that even in a non-academic setup, they are able to use those skills of analysis and assessment.
  3. Teaches them writing skills
    Another great benefit of writing projects is that it teaches individuals the art and technique which is required to prepare professionally written documents. With experience in this area, individuals are able to perform better, even within a professional setup.
  4. Able to revise information through assignment preparation
    Furthermore, assignments are also an excellent opportunity for students to review the daily course material which they study in class or by themselves. By writing about all of that, they are able to retain all of that information in a better way, with lesser chances of forgetting it.
  5. Learn the expression of ideas through writing
    Writing is also a remarkable medium through which students are able to express their views, thoughts, and opinions. Many times, they don’t tend to get a suitable outlet through which they can express all of these things. So, instead of seeing these assignments as cumbersome tasks, students should learn to value the outlet and freedom of expression.
  6. Provides them with a healthy challenge
    All in all, academic assignments also provide students with a healthy challenge. In the absence of these, it’s quite possible that the potential and capabilities of students may waste away into nothing. At least this is something that can keep them engaged healthily and interestingly.

For all these reasons, many people are of the view that assignments should constitute as part of academic curriculums.

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