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150 Unbeatable Exploratory Essay Topics To Get You Started

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If you are one of the students who complain about having to write essays that just lower your productivity because you feel exhausted after researching, then we have some good news for you. Unlike other assignments and essays, exploratory topics make you comprehend the problems you are addressing while researching for the essay.

Exploratory essays are usually recommended for students who face difficulty in understanding a concept or want to dig deeper to satisfy their queries. Usually, professors and Teaching Assistants are present to guide you about the subject matter. However, self-education is also important and what is a better way to do it than writing down all your concerns and then reaching a conclusion eventually.

So if you are looking forward to writing an exploratory essay, then you are in luck. We have compiled the list of best essay topics so you can pick one and start immediately.

1. Can adoption build a healthy family?
2. Single parents vs parent couples
3. Should single and childless individuals be allowed to adopt?
4. Do children learn more from the school environment?
5. How does religion impact the upbringing of children?
6. Should adopted children seek out their biological parents?
7. Should joint family make a comeback?
8. Should you run daily to have a healthy body?
9. How many calories should you take to have a healthy diet?
10. Is it time to change the skinny model culture from commercials?
11. What is the impact of early marriage?
12. Challenges involved in same-sex marriage
13. How to protect children from war zones?
14. Should Artificial Intelligence replace teachers in school?
15. The impact of divorce on children
16. How does terrorism shape our beliefs?
17. Should you be financially stable before getting married?
18. How to overcome the challenges of inter-racial marriage?
19. How does inter-religion marriage influence the child?
20. The appropriate age to tell children that they are adopted
21. Should dictatorships be unpopular?
22. Do genetics play any part in the behaviour of children?
23. The prevalence of genetically modified food
24. Are the myths about mobile phones causing cancer true?
25. How important has recycling become today?
26. Is self-education better than classroom learning?
27. Do we have unrealistic goals due to social media?
28. Should college tuition be removed from institutions?
29. Should schools restrict the use of the internet in the premises?
30. Is last-minute learning before an exam beneficial?
31. Should primary education be free for everyone?
32. How effective are digital textbooks?
33. Does coffee play any role in making your mind function better?
34. Is sexual frustration the primary reason for early marriages?
35. Should teenagers get married?
36. Do arranged marriages last longer than love marriages?
37. Why is there a stigma around second marriages?
38. Does being in a relationship have a positive impact on your personality?
39. How effective are the laws around sexual content in media?
40. Are human rights taken into account while dealing with prisoners?
41. How close is China to being the super power?
42. How to remove the stigma around obese people?
43. Is coffee bad for pregnant women?
44. The real reason behind the increase of obesity in America?
45. The impact of procrastination in your life
46. What effects did Brexit have on the world economy?
47. Why is Uber so unpopular in China?
48. Should couples have similar interests to lead a healthy life?
49. How have e-readers replaced paper-back books?
50. The impact of gene screening on human psychology
51. How important is voting today?
52. Do reality shows have any influence on society?
53. Is cheerleading an important part of sports?
54. The effect of steroid on athletes
55. How far can technology go?
56. Is technology encouraging laziness?
57. Does the United States really put chips in humans?
58. Should Facebook take consent before storing personal data?
59. How does technology steal creativity from the users?
60. How does the use of gadgets lead to illnesses?
61. Why is golf the rich people’s sport?
62. Does Chess really sharpen your skills?
63. Should same-sex marriage be legalised?
64. Does online dating have any benefits?
65. Are long-distance relationships effective?
66. Can we ever achieve gender equality?
67. Are the opportunities in the field of art growing?
68. Why is graffiti considered vandalism?
69. Is the myth about left-handed people being more intelligent true?
70. How can music educate people?
71. Should there be an ideal length for a feature film?
72. How is music used in treating mental illnesses?
73. The impact of music on human psychology
74. Is music appropriate for all ages?
75. How can you make genuine friends online?
76. The influence of cyber bullying on children
77. Should parents monitor their children’s social media presence?
78. How important is online privacy?
79. Is the prevalence of fake news a myth?
80. Are online transactions safe?
81. Has WhatsApp really made communication easier?
82. How much content should be regulated online?
83. What are the benefits of globalisation?
84. Does the United Nations play an effective role in maintaining peace?
85. Should military service be compulsory?
86. Should you judge someone based on their ethnicity?
87. Should the minimum legal age to drive be reduced?
88. Should drug tests happen in workplaces?
89. Should law and order be broadcasted on television?
90. How should alcohol be marketed online?
91. Should marijuana become legal?
92. Why are capital punishments unpopular?
93. Is the police racist?
94. Should failed parenting be penalised?
95. Should children receive money for good behaviour?
96. How to raise kids as a single parent?
97. What role do parents play in enhancing the talents in their children?
98. Should kids be pampered?
99. How should children take care of their pets?
100. Has society become narcissistic?
101. Should parents be called to school for meetings?
102. Should uniforms be compulsory?
103. Are video games violent?
104. Is teenage pregnancy increasing every year?
105. Are teenagers more rebellious today?
106. Should atheism classify as a religion?
107. Does yoga have the same benefits as fasting?
108. What are the disadvantages of watching pornography?
109. How harmful is peer pressure?
110. Should euthanasia be illegal?
111. How can a person build their self-esteem?
112. Should animals be used for testing?
113. Should animals be kept in zoos?
114. How is hunting affecting the world?
115. Is education more about the money?
116. Should grades be used in school?
117. Are college degrees important for success?
118. How important is sign language?
119. Is privatizing education a good idea?
120. Should sports be compulsory in the corporate world?
121. How much say should parents have in the careers of their children?
122. Why does the wage gap exist?
123. Do afternoon naps help improve productivity?
124. Should workplaces have dress codes?
125. How much time can employees spend outside of work?
126. Should ideal working hours be reduced?
127. Should tattoos affect recruitment?
128. Is hiring freshers a good idea?
129. Does eating food cooked with microwaves increase the risk of cancer?
130. Do mobile phones cause cancer?
131. Do vegetarians fulfil their protein requirement?
132. Can you survive without eating meat?
133. Is being broke a habit?
134. Is binge shopping problematic?
135. How does Darwinism affect our society?
136. What was the reason behind continental splits?
137. What role did science play during Stone Age?
138. Is nuclear energy safe?
139. Can global warming be solved?
140. Is space exploration a waste of money?
141. Is the moon landing a hoax?
142. Can we colonise other planets?
143. Should adventure sports be banned?
144. Should dressing up indecently be penalized?
145. Are women footwear safe?
146. The influence of laws regarding deforestation.
147. What is the importance of communism?
148. Can artificial intelligence detect human emotions?
149. Is AI a threat to mankind?
150. Has the role of women changed in society?

So these are some of the topics which you can use to write exploratory essays.

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