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4 Types of Bullying Students May Be Facing

By elizabeth on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 No Comments

Why should any person become a bully? What makes them become a bully? Is it an unhappy life they have had during their childhood? Or is it the effect of watching fighting movies? Could it be the company they are in that encourages them to bully others? Why does the bully not feel any compassion?… Read More

Ways to Overcome Test Anxiety

By elizabeth on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 No Comments

Feeling a little nervous before taking a test is quite normal and something every student faces. In fact, it can help you maintain your focus and sharpen your mind. However, when that feeling of nervousness turns to anxiety, this is when you need to take some measures to curb that anxiety. Undergoing test anxiety can… Read More

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