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Highest Grade: The Classmates’ Reaction

By UK Assignments Help on Friday, October 19th, 2018 No Comments

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The basic routine cycle of a student includes receiving tests, assignments with deadlines, eating, procrastinating, hiring a reliable assignment service, and rarely sleeping. However, sometimes the luck strikes right on the dot and you manage to achieve the highest grade.

Not everyone, including your close friend circle, will be happy for you and you may feel the burn from such adverse reactions. Below listed are the most probable responses you may come across:

The Healthy Competitors: A competition that is healthy and constructive in nature will grant you opponents that will do anything in their power to gain more marks than you by fair means. If you manage to supersede them, then these individuals will congratulate you yet strive harder for next time. These people don’t hold personal grudges and are the best catalyst towards your performance.

The Encouraging Ones: These are the rare gems to find that encourage you to strive for better and always wish the best for you. These people never get jealous or try to harm you in any way. They will celebrate and cherish this prime moment with you and will regard this success of yours as their own.

As a friendly advice, hold on to these genuine people and never lose contact with such precious souls.

The Jealous Kind: This group of classmate envies you to the core and your success frustrates them beyond one’s imagination. They start spilling out the venom about your personality and you may hear rumours about yourself that hold no significance.

Remember to keep your cool and don’t indulge yourself in any conflict with them. It is said that barking dogs seldom bite- keep chanting this to yourself and let them do their job while you focus on the better constructive objectives.

The Backbiters: This kind of your class fellows is known for their gossiping nature and you should not expect any good output from them. No matter what you do, they will always find something else to credit your success for.

It is a well-known fact that there are three classes of people- the ones that discuss ideas, the ones that discuss an event, and the ones that discuss an individual. The latter class lies at the least level of intellect, so collect yourself and avoid people that have a less capable mind.

The Inspired Individuals: This group of your class believes in improving themselves and for that purpose, they take inspiration from your success. They inquire you about the methods and techniques you used to gain such a high grade.

Don’t brush them off by avoiding or harshly replying them; instead, answer these questions calmly and help them combat any difficulty they may be encountering. This virtue of kindness will not only earn you a reward in eternal life but will also help you make a new friend or two.

These are some of the general responses received by the classmates if you ever score a higher grade than them. Conversely, whatever you do in life, just don’t become one of the toxic kind for your peers because no one likes such people.

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