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The Writing Process – How To Write A Good Essay Quick!

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The Writing Process - How To Write A Good Essay Quick

The student life is fun (in a sarcastic way), you get heaps of essays to write and a lot of presentations to handle simultaneously. So, if you thought that university life was all fun and games, then you are wrong on so many levels! Handling so much by yourself is not easy, either master the art of witchcraft or book your order to the assignment writers.

Essay writing is one of the most asked tasks during your academic journey, and the institutions ask you to write dozens of them at a time. Therefore, the method of quickly writing an essay is stated below:

Study the Question: Don’t overlook the importance of this step and lay optimum emphasis on reading the question over and over again. Identify the keywords and what the question is asking you to do: Explain, define, illustrate or defend the topic.

Pen Down All Your Thoughts: After you have extracted the meaning out of the question, you may start thinking about a lot of different ideas. These diverse yet potential thoughts for your essay may start confusing you, and you need to write all of this down on a piece of paper. This will help you jot connections among your ideas and present your essay in a better form.

Sketch a Plan: After you have created the list of your ideas, plan the content corresponding to such ideas and research accordingly. You may also add or subtract a point or two from your initial ideas during this phase.

Structure Your Essay Body: Generally, an essay contains three main parts: the introductory paragraph, the main body, and the conclusion.

In the introductory paragraph, you need to address the main theme by means of a thesis statement. Also, to grasp the attention of your audience, use the “hook” technique which means to embed an element that captures the readers’ attention right from the start. For this purpose, you can start your opening sentence with an interesting fact or a question that interests most of the masses.

The main body of the paragraph provides the backbone and structure to the main thesis. It supports the thesis statement via different pieces of evidence and facts available in this regard. You can use multiple paragraphs to support the statement by using different facts in each paragraph.

The concluding paragraph provides conclusive remarks and a snapshot of the entire essay. This paragraph should be written with the utmost care so as to provide a complete picture of your essay.

Edit and Proofread: After you are done writing your essay, read your essay again and again to locate grammatical or random errors. You can also take help from your peers by asking them to scrutinise this essay for you.

Also, ensure that the formatting and presentation of your essay are on point. The essay should be pleasant looking, make sure that the font and its size cater to this fundamental requirement.

This is how you can write an essay quickly, without much hassle and headache. The key to a perfectly written essay is the plan and its perfect execution. So, give it a shot and succeed with flying colours.

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