How Should You Respond When Someone Asks "Write My Essay?"

How Should You Respond When Someone Asks “Write My Essay?”

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how should you respond when someone asks write my essay

If you are or were a student, you may understand the severe study pressures experienced by the majority of the students. Recall the times when you were in dire need of help regarding an essay writing; you had likely experienced insomnia until someone helped you with the process of essay writing. So, what if someone pops up with the same query before you? What would be your response to the request to “write my essay?”

Preferably, you will try to help them to the best extent possible; however, sometimes our situation is not smooth enough to entertain such immediate request. No matter what course of action you may choose, remember to uplift the person at the other end with pure intention and open heart.

Following are some of the ways, you can use to lend a helping hand to the person, that asks for your help at the writing of an essay:

Explain the Topic to Them: The least you can do is brief them about the topic subject and list the major ideas that can be included in their essay. You can also tell them about the reference books and websites that may contain information about their project essay’s topic. This little act of yours can direct them to the right path that leads to the execution of a well-written essay.

Assist them in the Research Phase: If you have some spare time, you can help such an individual in the research phase of their essay writing. You can visit libraries with them and help them sort the correct ones from the wide range of choices available. You can read certain articles and highlight the main crux of such articles for them to include in their essay writing. This noble gesture by yours will help them see a better picture of what content to include or omit in the text body of the essay.

Proofread for Them: If you are unavailable for the above-listed activities, you can at least help them with paraphrasing and formatting of the essay. Read their essay slowly and try to gauge what they are trying to convey via the words. If you feel that some sentences make no sense and are loosely placed, rewrite such section for them. This small input from you can save their hard work from going to waste and this act should be a feather in your cap.

Direct them to the Relevant Service Providers: If you can’t help them with any of the essay writing tasks, you can direct them to a reliable essay writing service that can produce their anticipated version of the essay. Make sure that you guide them fully about the process of booking an order and provide them with the comprehensive detail of service packages.

To wrap this up, it can be said that helping someone is a noble virtue that speaks for itself. If you assist someone in frantic condition today, they may repay you with the same intention in the near future. So, be the person that always lend a helping hand to people and not the one that is least bothered by the concerns of other people.

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