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Simple Hacks To Improve Your Memory

By UK Assignments Help on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018 No Comments

simple hacks to improve your memory

Have you ever felt exhausted in exams because you have forgotten everything that you have learned? The fear of getting total blank in the exams is one of the major reasons behind the poor performance of the students. Indubitably the state of being blank is the worst and like a nightmare but the reality is that it really happens. In exams, students have to study for extended hours ceaselessly because they cannot afford to take a break even for relaxing their mind. All you need for studying incessantly in exams is a good mind and memory because without a good memory your mind will not be able to remember the things which you have learned. There is a misconception in the minds of the people that an individual cannot do much for improving intelligence and memory. Little did they know! That according to the latest scientific research it is possible to improve your memory by doing including certain things and activities in your daily routine. Whether you are solving a factual numerical or writing an essay on a particular topic, you cannot be good at your work if you don’t have a good memory and an intelligent brain. The top essay writing service also hires professional and intelligent writers to help students, because you cannot get a successful outcome without having a good memory. Some of the simple tips and tricks which can help you in improving your memory for exams in a short span of time are suggested below.

Go for a Walk: Students don’t have enough time to work out intensively in exam days, because there are multiple benefits associated with exercise; therefore they must find a substitute for it. Walking however is the best alternative for exercise as it allows your mind and body to relax. Besides the multiple health benefits of walking, you can also get an instant memory boost from it. Going for a stroll in a peaceful and calm place will play a significant role in improving your memory by activating and stimulating your brain.

Make a Proper Schedule: Not everyone knows the art of making the most of their time, only a few people can do make the best use of their time. Making a proper timetable not only helps you in organizing your time, but it will also play a significant in improving your memory. You are more likely to forget things when you do multiple tasks at a time. Therefore, you must make a proper timetable before exams, so that your mind will work on one task at a time and you will not forget even the minute things which you have learned for exams.

Write Key Points: Nothing is more effective than writing when it comes to remembering things, it allows everything to embed in the mind. It is a very helpful tip for the students to write every main point to remember it till the exam day. If writing the key points is not satisfying enough for you, then you can also learn them out loud to retain in your memory. There is no chance of forgetting even the small details after writing and learning out loud.

Eat Memory Boosting Foods: Unquestionably the food you eat can play an essential role in boosting your memory. Foods like nuts and certain vegetables which have a high content of memory boosting nutrients can make your brain active and sharp. The diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins which repair the degenerating cells of the brain can make improve your memory in a short span of time.

Making an effort to improve your memory for exams can enhance your achieving high in exams.

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