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What Is The Difference Between Footnotes And Endnotes?

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What Is The Difference Between Footnotes And Endnotes

Assignment writing is indeed a tough assessment task to tackle. In order to infuse life in the writing document, there are many intricacies to take care of and many requisites to fulfil. Furthermore, it is very important for students to keep their nerves in check so that they can propound the best possible results.

To curate an assignment, one needs to amass relevant factual details to amplify its authenticity. However, to escape the conviction of plagiarism, the student is required to cite the information source to give it its due share of appreciation. In this connection, footnotes and endnotes are installed for citation purposes.

You may have come across small numbers printed above some words or at the end of a sentence in a document. These numbers indicate and signify the resource from where the communicated information is collected. The detailed account of these numbers can either be located at the bottom of a particular page, called footnotes, or at the end of a document as endnotes.

It has been observed that students mostly confuse endnotes with footnotes and vice versa. To end this misapprehension for good, below mentioned is a comprehensive account of the two:


As the name suggests, footnotes appear at a respective page’s bottom which presents a citation of relevant references on the very page. Sometimes, footnotes are also used to include additional information regarding a certain writing portion on that page.

There are two ways to present a footnote: either by symbolic representation or by superscripted numbers after a word or completion of sentence. The details of these footnotes are expressed at the bottom of the page.


Endnotes are notes appearing at the end of a document or a book. It may include extra details regarding the points formerly discussed in the text or may present an account of other additional information.

Generally, endnotes are installed to cite the titles and names of the authors of references used in the text. These are arranged in chronological order and are denoted by numbers or an asterisk.

Difference Between Footnote And Endnote:

Endnotes and footnotes though serve somewhat the same purpose; they have certain differences which set them apart from one another. For your assistance, below mentioned is a brief synopsis underlining their distinct characteristics:

  • The footnote appears at the bottom of the page to render additional information regarding a particular portion of the text. On the other hand, endnotes are installed to furnish due credit to the information reference used in the text document which appears at the end of the document.
  • In general, footnote further elaborates the concepts presented in writing. Whereas, endnote is primarily used to quote references and furnish external sources.

Since you are now well-informed regarding the basic difference between endnotes and footnotes, you can use this information to churn in quality in your assignment writing. So, score the best grades for yourself by complying through all the mandatory academic writing requisites. All the best!

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