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Four Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Academic Assignments

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Despite all the challenges students face in their academic life, tackling research assignments often comes as a tough nut to crack! You have to gather previous literature and evidence to make your content strong and well researched! Coming up with original information and ideas in your paper is not as easy as it may sound.

Drawing your arguments upon previously established literature and ideas is the utmost requirement for writing a research paper, but the process has to be followed with great consideration without falling into the ditch of plagiarism. It’s tempting to copy-paste the exact words in your paper to save yourself some time and the hassle of rephrasing it. But these temptations often lead to a disaster when you are caught in the act of academic dishonesty!

As much as you like the idea of copy-pasting the entire content, plagiarism is considered a serious offence in the academic world with some major consequences. This includes getting an F or your paper being thrown into the dustbin. All your efforts and hard work can go down the drain if you fail to ensure the originality of your work! Do you want your academic paper to meet the same fate? Then, make sure to follow the following steps to avoid plagiarism in your academic assignments!

  1. Read and understand the context first

While writing a literature review of the research paper, students often unintentionally write the exact words from the original content without realising it. This is because their focus is usually on individual sentences rather than the whole context. They tend to rephrase each sentence from the paragraph without reading the whole content. The correct way of paraphrasing is to read the content first, try to understand what it actually says, and then define the concept in your own words.

If you think that changing sentences from active to passive or adding synonyms would make your content plagiarism-free, then you’re wrong! The content has to be entirely paraphrased, and for that matter, changing a few words won’t do much! The simplest way is to read and understand the content and write it in such a way as if you’re explaining it to your friend. In this way, the chances of unintentionally copying the content would be minimised and the originality of the work would be ensured.

  1. Proofread

Once paraphrased, make sure to proofread and match it with the original content to eliminate the copied words and sentences. Be certain that you didn’t intentionally copy the exact words while writing it on your paper. Proofreading not only allows you to identify the mistake but also helps you detect plagiarism. You can also run your content through a reliable online plagiarism-checker before submitting the final paper.

  1. Cite your sources correctly

Students often fail to comprehend the importance of following the guidelines while citing sources in their paper. Either they don’t feel the need to cite their sources and present them as their own, or they don’t follow the proper formatting style of citations. That is one of the reasons why their content is found with plagiarism. Be certain about the requirements and standard of your paper, and cite your sources with correct referencing style. Before diving into writing, make sure to go through different referencing styles such as Harvard, Chicago, APA and more.

  1. Add value

To add value to the content, make sure the information you’re using is relevant to your topic. You must add only the information that you deem as necessary to justify your point. Make sure to add your insights to make your content more valuable. Don’t try to use all the information just for the sake of fulfilling the word count requirement. Students, who are more concerned about quantity rather than quality, often fall in the trap of plagiarism.

The above-mentioned tips would help you write plagiarism-free content while writing academic assignments. If you’re still struggling to maintain originality while writing academic assignments, then don’t hesitate to seek professional assignment help.

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