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How To Start An Essay

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At the stage of higher education, it is essential to follow the standard structure for all pieces of writing. In a traditional university culture, the essay is created on the five-paragraph structure, including an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The introduction of the essay is the most crucial part of the project. It functions as a salutation for the reader, thus making it the writer’s first chance to impress the reader with their work. An essay should begin in an ensuing manner:

  • Provide a background on the topic: Apparent by the term ‘introductory paragraph,’ the starting paragraph of the essay introduces the subject matter under discussion. The writer is required to enlighten the readers regarding the basic issue, definitions or the problem which will be discussed in the paragraphs to follow.
  • Start with a convincing ‘hook’: As this paragraph is the first chance to make an impression, including a hook statement, is crucial. A ‘hook’ statement is an argument which the writer uses to fascinate the reader. This statement gauges the reader’s attention and pushes them to continue reading the rest of the essay with full commitment. The hook statement can be inserted in the form of shocking statistics, unknown but credible information or by adding an eye-opening quotation by a reliable source.
  • Use strong language: Students are further required to use strong language in their writing. It is recommended to use field related jargon and sophisticated terms to give an impression of intelligence in writing.
    Additionally, there must be precision in the sentence structure used in the introduction. In case the writer does not have command over the English language, they are recommended to use simplistic language to ensure accuracy in their essays.
  • Add a thesis statement: The introductory paragraph is home to the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a line which is a concise explanation of all the arguments included in the essay. The thesis statement aims to inform the reader about the different ideas which will be elucidated in the paragraphs to follow. It is vital to write a thesis statement which is concise and to the point. Students are further required to use a transitional statement to connect the introduction with the first body paragraph.
  • Write it after completing the body: A professional essay remains consistent and coherent in the arguments it displays. As a result of this, students are required to build their essay introductions after writing the body paragraphs. This allows the student to create a thesis statement which is coherent with the rest of the essay.
  • Proofread: The introduction of the essay should be proofread on its own, as well as with the rest of the essay. The former act of proofreading is performed to make sure that the writing is free from errors, whereas the latter makes certain the introduction is coherent with the rest of the essay.

Essay writing service are written following a certain structure. Students are required to ask their professors about the writing style, which should be applied for their essay. If no standard structure is provided, the five-paragraph structure should be followed.

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