Research Paper Outline – The Key To High-Quality Papers

Research Paper Outline – The Key To High-Quality Papers

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Rough drafts or essay outlines are the backbones of any paper, and almost all the professors recommend this practice before you come up with the final draft. However, many students ignore this part of the research paper and directly skip to writing which results in making their work quite chaotic and disorganised.

Well, in some cases, we cannot blame the students for doing so, especially when they have to manage multiple disciplines, recreational activities and jobs. But research paper is the single most important assignment of your college, and it has to be treated right if you want to graduate with honours.

Now you cannot write research papers in one night because those are detailed assignments and you require lots of elaboration before you can connect different ideas to formulate the masterpiece that you are going to present to your instructor.

For this to happen, you need to go through the essay contents multiple times and decide what exactly you are going to pen down. The best way to do so is to prepare the outline for your paper.

Reasons why outlining your essay before writing it down is necessary for you.


One of the reasons why teachers emphasise outlining research papers is because it helps you in organising your paper according to the requirements. If your ideas are flowing in a well-structured manner, the credibility factor in your paper would be high, and your readers will get a complete grasp of the topic.

If you begin your research paper directly on a blank paper, you might face difficulty in gathering your thoughts, so it is better to note down all the points you are going to discuss in your paper in the rough draft.


Making a plan for your research paper is a smart way to ensure that you include everything in your work. As we said, the paper is supposed to be elaborate and detailed and so preparing a draft will provide you with a checklist that you can keep ticking off after mentioning each part.

This way, you would cover as many points as you can and in a much clearer way. When you are thinking about multiple ideas, you can keep outlining those to let the train of your thought move effectively rather than jotting down point after point directly without much evidence.


When you sit down to plan your research you have to remember that references and sources can only help you so much because you have to come up with original ideas as that is what you are primarily marked on. So when you sit down to contemplate on your topic, it will actually help you brainstorm better. You can come up with new perspectives and view the subject in a different light.

Less Stress

Final year students know how stressful it is to come up with the ideas for the research paper, and if you keep delaying the work, chances are you would not be able to submit it on time.

When you start to work on the outline of your paper, your interest in the research increases and if for some reason you begin your actual paper one week before, you at least have all the guidelines and ideas sorted. Hence, this helps in lowering the stress levels as your rough draft paints a picture of what you want to do in your paper.

Less Time-Consuming

College makes it difficult to balance all aspects of academics, and even though research papers are important, it does not mean you do not have other exams and assignments. With the outline of the paper, you can estimate the amount of time it will take to cover each part and then schedule your work accordingly.

This helps in saving time because you have the roadmap for the paper, so you just have to pen down your arguments by detailing themes with evidence and statistics.

Keep Track

Getting distracted while writing a research paper is normal, so when you prepare a rough outline of your work, it’s easier to retrace the pattern, in case you lose your point. After analysing each idea, you can check the outline to see if you have covered everything and if you feel your point lacks weight, you can refer to the sources mentioned in the draft to check the authenticity.

So make sure that when you begin your work on the research paper, you have a clear draft in mind that can assist you in making it perfect enough to score an A grade.

If you want to learn how to make a rough draft, we have compiled some tips to make sure you outline your paper as perfectly as possible, so when you sit down to write the final draft, you have all the elements in front of you.

Thesis Statements

This particular sentence conveys the summary of the entire point mentioned in the paper. So make sure when you are brainstorming the ideas, you write one thesis sentence for each concept to keep track of your arguments.

Gather Ideas

In the initial stages of writing the outline, make sure you include all the ideas. Even if a concept is slightly relevant to what you are presenting, write it down because it might connect with some piece of evidence you find later. Pen down all the arguments in bullet points and mention all the supporting evidence and statistics underneath to establish those arguments.


When you are covering one aspect of your paper, it is possible to sway away and confuse it with another point since both of them emphasise the same argument. However, professors discourage this bit, and so, it can be avoided if you try to categorise your work in the initial outline.


One of the most hectic jobs when it comes to writing a research paper is providing the bibliography for your paper. Usually, students face difficulty when they delay the quotation because locating those exact research papers gets difficult.

So, if you find a source that proves to be crucial for your topic, reference all the citations in the outline so you do not have to fret about it later.

Now that we have answered all the questions related to the outline of your paper, we advise you to get down to business as soon as possible. Many students wait for the “right time” to begin their work, but trust us when you begin to research your paper’s topic; you will automatically get engrossed in it. So, make a timetable and dedicate time from each day to this particular work only and soon, you will be close to achieving your goal.

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